I am a sucker when it comes to cute/stylish handbags, and this one today is now at the top of my list. Today I am introducing you guys to the brand Aubry Lane.

“Aubry Lane is inspired by women’s intrepid pursuit of personal style. Each bag is constructed from the highest quality materials. Aubry Lane seamlessly integrates fashion and technology into each unique bag, ensuring both style and security.”

As mentioned above, I love how cute and stylish Aubry Lane’s bags are…BUT my favorite thing about them is the unique technology that’s in every bag, giving women the feeling of safety wherever they are. Each Aubry Lane handbags comes with an Amulet that is a 1 button emergency SOS, cell phone, and GPS device. How come no one thought of this sooner…AMIRIGHT?

If you don’t know, I am a college student and always worry about campus safety. (If you watch the news, you will understand) There are a number of crimes that are common on college campuses. These include: theft, rape, harassment, and assault. Thankfully, with this Aubry Lane bag, if I am ever in danger…I can hit the SOS button on the Amulet and a text message will go out to the top 5 contacts of my choice showing my location. The Amulet also provides two-way communication so you can have an actual conversation with someone as if you were on the phone. Larger bags (as the one pictured) also comes with a locking security compartment that allows you to store a safety device.

This is the Navaiah Bag Cream

Stay safe ladies. XO

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