State Fair of Texas 2017

State Fair of Texas 2017

Howdy from the State Fair of Texas,
Have you ever celebrated your great state with over 100,000 people?

This past weekend I had the chance to do just that with my aunt who recently moved home from Utah..and what better way to welcome her back then with one of the greatest events in Texas.

Our adventure started with us going to the DART station. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is basically a train/bus that will take you around Dallas and surrounding cities). We decided to take the DART because 1.) save money 2.) avoid terrible traffic & 3.) experience new things in a city. As we studied the map to see which line to get on, we met a group of 4 other people that were just so happening to be heading to the fair….so needless to say, we made friends and talked to them the whole trip there. (If you know me, you know I probably did most the talking and annoyed them in the first 5 mins but it’s all good). Finally we arrived!

Have you ever seen a 55′ tall man and have him greet you at the entry? Well I have. Big Tex is the official greeter of the State Fair of Texas…and to those of you who like to stereotype, yes..Big Tex is a cowboy with the full cowboy attire on & he is actually known as the world’s tallest cowboy. You can’t go to the fair and not either take a picture of Big Tex or with Big Tex. (This year I did not take a picture with Big Tex but I did take a picture of him and my aunt).

My next favorite thing to see at the fair is the Texas Star Ferris wheel…so we grabbed some cotton candy and made our way to the Midway. The Ferris wheel gives you a birds-eye view of downtown Dallas from a height of 212 feet. I feel like maybe the term “Let the good times roll” comes from someone who was watching a ferris wheel spin around and around. not sure but possibly. While we were trying to find the perfect spot for a picture (picky me) I noticed that the Midway plays some good music…so if by chance anyone that is reading this that went to the fair and saw 2 girls holding cotton candy breaking it down while getting photos taken…that was us and you’re welcome! No shame!

While we were exiting Midway the big college football game let out so it started to get packed. If you arent familiar, since 1929, the AT&T Red River Showdown game between the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners has been held at the Cotton Bowl..which just so happens to be at the fair. Sadly, OU won this year…but there is always next year.

Our next stop was the food! Okay, not to be dramatic but I’m starting to think “Deep (fried) in the heart of Texas” should be a slogan for this state. No joke, you can get basically anything fried here. I’m going to list some I saw: Fried chicken noodle soup on a stick, fried froot loops, fried oreos, fried smores, fried twinkies…I could go on & on. I’m actually super proud of myself because I told myself I wasn’t going to eat anything fried this time due to my bad eating habits the week before…and I stuck to my word! Y’ALL the temptation was real. Anyways, my aunt did get the fried smores and basically went to heaven her first bite…and now when I think about it…she finished it in like 2 bites. LOL so I recommend that if you ever go!

Finally! What’s better than ending a great day than ending it at a concert? Pat Green performed the night we were there and he was amazing! Great music, great view, and a great artist.

Last but not least, we got tired and decided to call it a night. As we headed back to our car location…we actually ran into our “friends” that we started this whole trip with. How crazy right?!?
Overall, we had a great time and we are looking forward to next year State Fair adventure!

If you want to learn more and plan your own trip to the fair…check out the State Fair of Texas Website. Link is here!

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