My Skin Routine With BioClarity

My Skin Routine With BioClarity

Keeping my skin clear is a huge priority to me so I love trying new acne treatments whenever I can.

I have been testing out BioClarity for over a month now and love the results. BioClarity is a new 100% cruelty free, vegan, and gluten-free natural skin clearing system. BioClarity combines the most effective over-the-counter acne medication with natural extracts to cleanse and soothe skin in a 3-step system.

  • The first step is Cleanse. The Cleanser has green tea which detoxifies, cucumber which cools and refreshes the skin, and chamomile which calms the skin. I apply this every night once I get out of the shower.
  • The second step is Treatment. The Treatment gel has Oat Kernel which soothes and nourishes your skin and also has 2% of salicylic acid in it..which is an acne fighter. I apply a little amount of this to my blemishes every other day.
  • The third step is Restore. The Restore Gel fights redness and irritation by the ingredient Floralux, a naturally derived compound made from Chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). I apply two pumps of this which leaves my face feeling refreshed. Side note: yes, this product is green but don’t worry…it will not stain your face.

The entire 3-step process is super simple and only takes me around 5 minutes total from the time I start cleansing to when everything has absorbed. During this whole process, I experienced no redness, which is huge to me, and very little dryness.

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Thanks to BioClarity for partnering with me for this post.

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