FAQ & Answers

FAQ & Answers

I love the feature on Instagram stories where you can ask questions and I’ve used it quite a bit! After getting a lot of the same questions each time, I decided to do a blog post over the most frequently asked questions! 

What made you decide to be a blogger?

After High School, friends kept recommending that I should start a blog for fashion and I would just laugh and say no. After TONS of research…I decided to create a blog and do it as a hobby. Never did I think I would love it and grow it to where it is today. I am extremely thankful for everyone who follows and supports my blog!

Do you have a job other than blogging? If so, how do you make time for both?

Yes, I have a full time M-F job! I work in sales/social media at the Hilton in Southlake TX. I’m not going to lie…I am busy all the time. I work at my full time job until 5:30pm and then I spend the evenings working on blog work (emails, contracts, posts, social media, photos/editing, etc.) I try to keep my weekends open for my social life…but that doesn’t always happen. However, I love what I do and wouldn’t change anything. 

How do you edit your photos? What apps do you recommend?

I have a blog post about the apps I use for editing photos that I’ll link here. 

95% of the time I use Lightroom.

What is something you struggle with?

This is a tough question because I feel like I struggle with something new everyday…but I would have to say loving myself. I am so hard on myself and pick out every single flaw. This is something I work on constantly and have to remind myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the One who created the universe. 

What would you say to someone who wants to become a blogger?

GO FOR IT. It’s a lot of work but if you are passionate about it…you’ll make time for it. Two things I always tell people that ask me this question is..

1.) Make sure you are doing it from the right reasons and not for money, influence, or free product.

2.) It takes a while to grow! I have been blogging for almost 2 years now and I am still not full time.

If you are interested in blogging and want to know more about my experience or want tips, please feel free to message me! I’d love to talk and help!

What all goes into blogging?

This is a good question because some people think it’s very simple/easy but it’s a lot of behind the scenes work. Creating your blog and keeping it up to date, planning posts, creating content (which includes photoshoots, editing, and writing blog posts), answering emails (this can take a while sometimes), inspiration searching, phone/facetime meetings, meet-ups, planning collaborations, being active and engaging on social media, and more. 

What is your typical workout schedule?

My workout schedule varies depending on my week schedule. I usually try to workout legs twice a week, arms/back/shoulders once a week, a day dedicated to cardio (usually when I don’t have much time to be in the gym), and then I do abs and glutes at the end of every workout. 

How do you deal with being single and what is your relationship history? 

I’m not sure why people are so interested in my dating life but I get 20+ questions about this every time I do a q&a on my Instagram story lol. 

Relationship history: I have been in 3 “serious” relationships in my life. 3 years..2 years..and 1 year. I am still friends with my exes and very thankful they were placed in my life at the time they were. I learned so much with each relationship and all helped me grow in my relationship with God and I am forever thankful for that. 

How do I deal with being single?: I deal with it very well lol all my friends think it’s weird. I’m a very independent person (I get this from my mom.) I like being able to make decisions and not having to worry about another person. 

Who takes your Instagram photos and do you have any tips?

My friends and family usually take my photos and then I edit most of them. 

My biggest tip would be to plan your shoot before going. Having the outfits picked out, locations, poses, props, and etc…it makes the shoot go by faster and smoother. Honestly, I usually always have a Starbucks cup in my car to use when I want to add a prop in the picture lol. 

Did you go to college? What did you major in?

I attended a community college in my hometown and was majoring in nursing but “quickly” (74 college hours later) decided I did not want to become a nurse…so after I finished that semester I decided to take a break until I figured out what I wanted to go back to school for. As of right now, I do not plan on going back to college.

What stores do you shop at?

Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Free People, Express, Target, Academy, etc. 


If you want to learn a few more facts about me, check out my “20 Facts About Me” blog post here or check out my “About Me” highlight on my Instagram. 

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